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who are we?

We source locally to create designs that give traditional crafts new identities, whilst preserving the past and present for the future. We work directly with skilled artisans and leading designers to narrate their life stories and cultural influences, and translate them into crafts.

We believe that the luxury of tomorrow is one where brilliant design, exquisite materials, skilled craftsmanship and appreciation for people go hand in hand. As the world moves towards “slow” production, we attempt to bridge the gap between the source (or heart) of creativity and the consumer (or connoisseur). 

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story behind our name & logo

Our name originates from the Hindu God, Vishnu, the protector, preserver and pervader. We take inspiration from this as we persevere to preserve our heritage and culture, and make our crafts and artisans accessible to the world.

Our logo is inspired by a Jaali, or a latticed screen – a popular motif in Indo-Islamic architectural design – that despite it’s simplicity, is very intricate and demanding of the craftsmen. Just as the jaali is versatile and has been adopted seamlessly into modern designs, our vision is also to revive our ethnic arts and assimilate them into contemporary settings.

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