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who are we?

We source locally to create designs that breathe new life into traditional crafts, offering them fresh identities while preserving the richness of the past and present for the future. Collaborating directly with skilled artisans and leading designers, we weave their life stories and cultural influences into the very fabric of our crafts.

We believe in a future where luxury is defined by the seamless interplay of brilliant design, exquisite materials, skilled craftsmanship, and a genuine appreciation for people. In a world that is increasingly embracing 'slow' production, our aim is to bridge the gap between the heart of creativity, the source, and the discerning consumer or connoisseur.

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story behind our name & logo

Our name originates from Vishnu, the Hindu God symbolizing protection, preservation, and pervasion. Drawing inspiration from these qualities, we persevere to safeguard our heritage and culture, striving to make our crafts and artisans accessible to the world.

Our logo is inspired by the Jaali, a latticed screen—an iconic motif in Indo-Islamic architectural design. Despite its apparent simplicity, the Jaali is intricate and demands exceptional craftsmanship. Much like the Jaali's versatility, seamlessly integrated into modern designs, our vision is to revive ethnic arts and seamlessly assimilate them into contemporary settings.

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